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Whether you prefer to stay at a luxury lodge offering the comforts of a resort or sleep at a more rustic tent or camp, Melau Tours offers a variety of options to fit your needs. There are many different styles of accommodations available on safari including a wide selection of tented options. We offer lodging in each of the different areas we offer safaris and trips including the world famous Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Morogoro Town, Selous Game Reserve, Tarangire National Park, Zanzibar Island, Gombe Stream and many more.

Each of our lodges and camps available for our travelers were chosen by our expert guides and staff because of their friendly atmospheres, hospitality, world class amenities, prime location, authentic feel and because they are some of the best places to stay in the region. They are set in some of the most stunningly beautiful and unspoilt areas of Tanzania offering incredible landscapes and wildlife. Whilst feeling comfortable and relaxed is very important on any holiday, we suggest several other elements to consider when assessing and choosing your accommodation options including location, size of the camp, service levels, variety of activities, relaxation opportunities, amenities, and game viewing potential to name a few. Each tent, lodge or camp offers the highest level of service for our travelers and are built with the environment always kept in mind.

Melau Tours offers safari trips throughout Tanzania including the renowned Serengeti National Park as well as beautiful and wildlife rich game reserves and parks such as Selous, Lake Manyara, The Ngorongoro Crater and more. Browse our accommodation options by selecting an area below:
  Serengeti National Park   Ngorongoro Crater   Lake Manyara
  Tarangire National Park   Arusha   Zanzibar
  Selous   Morogoro   Saadani
  Lake Victoria   Gombe Stream   Mafia Island

Melau Tours offers 3 types of accommodations for our travelers categorized by price points.  To learn more about our accommodation options including photos, amenities, location,  features, pricing and more, please select an option below: