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Melau Tours and Safaris is a tour company located in Arusha, at the heart of the northern tourist circuit of Tanzania. We have modern tourist facilities and a solid management team incredibly focused on offering quality safari trips and a variety of services to tourists. Our team of travel professionals all have a passion and enthusiasm for wildlife and Africa and strive to make each of our travelers trips a once and a life time experience.

Melau Tours is owned and operated by Mr. Loomu Ojare and his son Michael Ojare (Mike)The two are very sensitive to wildlife, and it was due to their love of nature that they had a vision of founding the company with the passion of the great African outdoors and to share the ‘’raw experience’’ of an African Safari.

We invite you on an unforgettable traveling experience to a unique area of the world characterized by magnificent natural beauty and unrivalled cultural diversity. We offer a range of options for your Safaris in all of the East Africa region including trips in the northern circuit, southern circuit and western circuit. Almost all of our tours and safaris are suitable for families who wish to enjoy a true African Safari experience either accompanied by an experienced guide or on a self drive holiday. Our safaris span the entire East Africa region of Tanzania including trips to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha Game Reserve, Tarangire National Park, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, Lake Manyara, Gombe Stream, Mahale National Park and more. In addition, we travel to the crystal clear waters that are home to Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Islands.

We specialize in a variety of adventure safaris, providing trips including game drive watching and photographing, mountain climbing, walking safaris, birds watching, butterflies and flower surfing and swimming with dolphins, canoeing, cave explorations, balloon safaris, sky diving, bike safaris and cultural tourism.

Melau Tours provides tourists with a wide variety of safari trips and firmly believe in the activities we offer. Through our experience, and knowledge of the landscapes and wildlife of Tanzania, our team satisfied the desires of even the most seasoned adventure safari travelers. In addition, our experience and enthusiasm for adventure safari is displayed in the exceptional service, value and advice we provide for our clients. How are we different? Our focus, passion and experience for an enriching experience for each traveler is what sets us apart.

Office Staff & Professional Guides
At Melau Tours, we have a well experienced and knowledgeable staff who have been working in the tourism and travel industry for several years. Each of our staff members are proved capable o preparing and organizing any type of trip throughout all the national parks, reserves, islands and cities we visit.

We are extremely proud to have well trained mountain and safari guides who all have years of experience. Each of our professional guides come with a wealth of knowledge of the Tanzania area and in addition can speak various international languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and more. We are all Tanzanian Citizens and are educated about the Tanzanian tribes, history, wildlife and culture. Always welcoming, friendly and welcoming, it is our goal to offer only the best service and help so we can provide the greatest safari trips!